7 Best Free Themes for Moodle Elearning platform

Update: Moodle 2.6 has enabled a new selection of themes that are worth a look. Try them out with a free trial on our dedicated lmshosting.co.uk service.

The great thing about Moodle is the ease at which you can change the theme for free and make your VLE look how you want it to. When  I started using Moodle about six years ago I  spent a great deal of time searching for themes that would brighten up the standard template.

After trying many, I eventually settled on “Imagine” a great simple theme with a lovely style from Julian Ridden. It has since been updated to version 2 and still contains many of the attractive features that looked great when used by the Private International School’s E-Learning system that I was responsible for:

one of the best free moodle templates

Without doubt the range of themes developed by Shaun Daubney at Newbury College have inspired many moodlers to add to what have been excellent designs with great styling and usability. The set below have a great feature of enabling users to choose the theme they want and a well-styled menu for versatile customisation:

Shaun has since developed the theme (as have many others) to include automated menu development and Amazon-style super drop down menus:

One such modifications of Shaun’s “Aardvark” theme by Colin Wheelhouse and Chris Scurrah has very bold colours, yet is simple and easy to use:

For a more corporate style but also very easy on the eye and well-styled, “Isometric” by Mary Evans is a great option:

Another new Theme using super-large menu drop downs is “Zebra” from Danny Wahl. It has a clean and easy-to-read simple and colourful styling:

In conclusion, with so many fantastic themes available that are easily customisable, Moodle is the the clear favourite amongst Learning management systems. Most of these themes require Moodle version 1.9 or above and these plus many variations are available from Moodle.org. If your organisation would like customised styling feel free to contact us for a chat on 01249 400300.

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