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can i get web hosting for free

Yes, you can actually. But would you want to?

I confess I haven’t searched for what is currently available but I think it is a classic case of, “You gets What you pay for”!

I think the correct questions to ask yourself if you are embarking of using free hosting would include?

Will you be getting hosting on a LiteSpeed Server?

Where will your backups be stored? IF there are ANY backups!

The “FREE” Photo by Sammie Vasquez on Unsplash  

Could mislead you into thinking that with FREE Hosting you can go where you want to go and fly, released by the burdens of life.

But I think you know the reality of the price you will actually pay!

That is why here at we provide Top notch web hosting for a price that enables us to provide all the services that anyone who cares about their data REALLY need!

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