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how to host a web site

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This can sound like a very simple question but do you actually know how to host a web site?

Like many things this really does depend on how much detail you go into.

Depending on what level you are working at does depend how much detail you do need to go into 🙂

For most people I would suggest it is far better to keep the technical aspects as simple as possible.

It can be fun to learn everything there is to know but I would suggest that there is a lot that you do not need to know and over loading your delecate brain with lots of peripharel jargon is probably not going to help and only lead to confusion.

So what do you need to know?

At a simple level I often refer to Web Hosting as similar to a book shelf. 🙂

On the book shelf are lots of books that in this analogy each represent a web site.

Your task is to make sure that new customers, users or readers of your web site are able to access it and retrieve the information they need.

You may need to make sure your SSL certificate is allowing the users you want to freely access the desicred content.

It will also help if you make sure the server your website is hosted on is as near as possible to the target audience.

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