How to get that green padlock.

Got some time?

Green padlock from

I say that because it does take a bit of time to turn your Website into a bulletproof https site so that peeps can feel safe and secure purchasing products with you.

I have spent a few weeks upgrading a server installation so that it could use a web hosting admin product called WHMCS. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with it but it is basically the industry standard product for hosting websites.

I have found it a long process of installing https for my new server. It takes time for good reasons. But the quantity of checks that are undertaken I have found quite surprising. I should just say that I am currently “not out of the woods” yet and think I am waiting for a telephone call of some description.

I attach the below image of the “easy steps” from Comodo. I wouldn’t expect you to read them. It is more of a quick glance to reach the conclusion,”Oh, that’s a lot of stuff”

So I’m in this waiting space until something happens and eventually I can get really excited by presenting a special coloured bar on a web browser window! Exciting! 🙂