The Joys of FB Marketing and what to do about the crazies?

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The Joys of FB Marketing and what to do about the crazies?

So we have been continuing with our marketing plan.

So far this has taken two main forms. One of which attracted the attention of a crazy!

The first is print and traditional advertising. The second is by using that wonderful social network application Facebook.

To be precise it was using FB Messenger.

The idea is pretty simple. Publish a post that offers viewers the chance to win a prize by doing something or other.

Because in my first such “competition” I was pleased with the responses received, it seemed like a good idea to continue along similar lines.

So on the WebsContent Facebook page I started a competition which began:


We’re giving away free ENTRY to our completion to win ONE YEAR OF WEB HOSTING – want one? ❓


1️⃣: Comment the date in May 1955 you think Einstein died below
2️⃣: We’ll send you your competition entry receipt in Facebook Messenger


Just COMMENT your day in may 1955 below to get your Competition entry ticket.

I thought that was fairly straight forward and was expecting lots of replies with the number 18. (The following details are found about him on Wikipedia:

Albert Einstein
Born:Mar 14, 1879, Ulm, Kingdom of Württemberg, German Empire
Died:Apr 18, 1955, Princeton, New Jersey, US

The competition was going fine until about two weeks in I saw this comment

Susan Smith Shite pure shite

Which was an odd comment. Perhaps the number 18 evokes strong reactions to some?

I replied: WebsContent What is wrong with it Susan? Or I can only assume you are talking about your own malfunctioning brain.:)

Susan Smith You ask for a comment and you got one
Now shut up spastic brain

WebsContentSusan Smith Oh dear Susan. What on earth happened to you?

By that I mean, it seems that you are not functioning correctly and so I wonder what it is that is causing that kind of behaviour. I am not expecting you to formulate a coherent reply since I don’t think you are capable of producing one.In fact I don’t actually think you should be allowed to be anywhere near a computer.

You’ve gone rather quiet! Good for you. Enjoy an Easter egg! 🙂

Susan Smith Spastic brainL

Susan Smith Where are you ?
I know your pulling your little dick againL

Susan Smith Your Out shopping with mummy todayyew

WebsContent You need to say sorry Susan.L

WebsContent I’m still waiting…L

Susan Smith 2 words fook off

Which is the last we heard from her.

But I did find the whole experience very strange.

It just makes me think.

If you frequent the interwebs and Facebook in particular then you are going to receive advertising. I think we would all agree that is common knowledge.

Most people ignore the advertising that doesn’t provide a service or product they are interested in.

But I don’t really understand why someone would respond with silly comments like those above.

I can only think that they are just not very clever or more extreme pathological words for not very clever.

Any ideas?

For us it means we are going to take a brief break from FB and start a new Email marketing campaign.

Looking forward to it! 🙂

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